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Yann André Gourvennec, of Celtic origins, was born in Paris, France in 1961. He has grown a passion for Art ever since childhood and he has been practising watercolour painting, pastel drawing (soft or oil pastels) since the early 1980's. After more than 25 years spent practising his art, he seized the opportunity to display a few pictures in St Germain-en-Laye near Paris during the local 'open house' day in Autumn 2003, where he was granted a special prize. In January 2005, a real-estate agent of the Paris region offered him a private exhibition on his premises, the theme of which was architecture. He subsequently decided to pursue this opportunity of showing his pictural work to the public. His painting is not about rendering a true reflection of reality. On the contrary, his aim is to cast a poetical look at the world around us, or even an imaginary world. His art is not about conveying ideas, instead it is about sharing a poetical experience of a dream, be it a daydream. His painting reflects his love for these simple mundane things and scenes which make life beautiful. Yann André Gourvennec doesn't think that watercolours are a minor form of art. To him watercolours are shining and vibrant and they make expression possible. His drawings are often adorned with calligraphy, which makes it possible to use words like drawings and draw with letters.

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